Flingmonster is a new game by Team Honcho, a local Australian developer. Is it worth playing?

Flingmonster is an interesting physics puzzler. Taking control of a collection of cute, colourful monsters the player launches these fearless abominations at rickety structures made by humans invading their planet. If this concept sounds familiar it certainly is.

Part of the fun in Flingmonster is how varied and fun your monsters are to use. There are monsters that you can keep aloft by tapping the screen, allowing you to steer them right into buildings and others that are like a time bomb, you can roll them down hills and tap to blow them up when they’re in the right place. This makes the game feel a lot more active and engaging than Angry Birds.

Levels are full of interesting elements too. Bouncy mushrooms can be used for bank shots and bouncing rocks and other obstacles always make the player think. My favourite part was aiming a monster at a human space ship and watching parts of it rain down on their buildings wiping them out. Mmm satisfying. Chain reactions are a big part of Flingmonster

Flingmonster looks really great. The colourful cartoony art style and the imaginative landscapes give the game a very distinct look. Each monster looks very different and the sight of buildings crashing into heaps of broken wood never gets old.

A downside of the game however is the insistent nagging for the player to buy keys. After every level passed or not and sometimes when the game is paused the game pops up an irritating dialogue asking you to buy a key. There is no need for it to pop up what equates to a few times a minute and dismissing it gets very irritating. It doesn’t even make sense to offer the player keys when they are passing levels without problems.

Flingmonster is an enjoyable and well-made game with a neat twist on the Angry Birds formula and solid presentation. For the bargain price of $0 it is worth your time.