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Game of Thrones

The next episode in the game adaptation of Game of Thrones is set to be released on Friday morning for Aussies. Episode 4: Sons of Winter is available now on PC and Playstation, tomorrow on Xbox and Friday on Android and iOS.

Previous episodes cost about AU$6.50 each, and it’s fair to expect that Sons of Winter will carry a similar price tag. That’s the Gold Price, of course. Telltale hasn’t said whether they’ll be exacting the Iron Price.

For those who have previously played previous Game of Thrones episodes or other games by Telltale such as The Walking Dead, the challenge is picking your own adventure and surviving the path you choose. You’ll meet a number of characters along the way, and some of them won’t make it to the end of the episode. Sometimes it’ll be your fault.

If you’re keen for the next episode, keep your eyes out for the release in the wee hours of Friday morning and let us know if you live or die.

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Source: Telltale Games Blog.

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I just started playing season 1 on a the nexus 9, seems pretty cool already and i have only played 10 mins of it. from the 10 mins it doesnt seem that u are the main characters (at this moment) but u are a squire and u have to choose who you would say and do etc. pretty fun imo

Ausdroid Reader

Anyone out there playing this? How good do you think it is?

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