MillwardBrown, has today released their 2015 ‘BrandZ’ report announcing the top 100 most valuable global brands for 2015. There’s been a switch at the top of the leader board from 2014, a couple of rises and falls in perceived brand value and a new entry.

MillwardBrown is a company focused on the brand value of global companies and operates as part of the Kantar Group, the same group who parents Kantar World Panel who release the detailed statistics reports on market share for mobile phones.

MillwardBrown has been releasing the report for ten years now and in this, the 10th Anniversary edition, it appears that Google has been knocked off the top spot they secured last year. Apple has taken the crown back after a single year, a crown they had held since they took it from Google in 2011.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.02.00 pm

It was a year for highs and lows, with king Android OEM Samsung taking a fall from number 29 in 2014 to number 43 this year. HP managed to climb 10 spots to number 39, while Intel climbed 30 spots to number 56.

The newest entry in the list was a small, but welcome surprise, with Chinese manufacturer Huawei making the list for the first time – the only Chinese manufacturer to make the list. This inclusion is due to Huawei’s strong position in global telecoms, supplying 45 out of the world’s top 50 carriers.

Doreen Wang, Global Head, BrandZ, said,

Huawei has made it onto a BrandZ list for the first time today. This is the result of Huawei’s solid carrier business and also its active expansion into the enterprise and consumer businesses. Huawei has invested in its global technology offering, demonstrated with two third of its revenue coming from markets outside of China. Ranking on the BrandZ list recognizes Huawei’s real strengths.

The list is available to check out and is quite interesting with a number of Australian – non Android related businesses such as Woolworths and Westpac making the list. You can see the list here, or read the full report here on the BrandZ website.

Source: MillwardBrown.