OnePlus - Time To Change
OnePlus is certainly an interesting company to watch – they’ll hype the absolute **** out of anything. So when they release a tweet saying ‘we think it’s time for change. Find out more June 1’, it could be literally anything – but with a now 13 month old phone on their hands, it’s probably time for a new one.

But what do we know about the OnePlus 2? Well, it’s going to have a Snapdragon 810 processor and cost around US$400 – that’s about it, at least for sure. Speculation runs rampant and rumours of 3GB RAM and more abound, so we could see anything, but the big hope, at least this year with a crop of phones from Android manufacturers with top of the line cameras is that we see something special from OnePlus on that front.

One Plus will be launching or announcing something on June 1st, whether it’s the OnePlus 2 or they’re launching a new colour, back or even a new accessory – it’s going to be interesting.

Source: @oneplus.
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Maybe they’ll just release the One Plus One+ model. With a better camera (optical image stabilization) and fixed touchscreen. Considering they’ve only erased half the phone.

vijay alapati

I will prefer a pure android on a moto g rather this crap OS on 1+*


when you’re the small guy, you hype the hell of out anything just to get notice. even tell lies and stupid gimmicks like naked photos lol


Hope it is the OnePlus 2 although you never know with them, the last big hyped announcement was just that it was invite free… Whoop-deee-doo

Damien Xenos

Scout would you consider the OnePlus 2 without CM? Have you gone back and tried Oxygen OS?