Google’s Project Tango tablet, launched last year with “advanced vision capabilities”. The tablet was developed by Google’s Project Tango team, focusing on devices with advanced 3D space and motion sensors. It’s now available for everyone to experience for themselves for US$512 from the Google Store. The catch? You must be in the US to order it.

Android Police reported the tablet’s availability, coming as we count down the hours to Google I/O. Previously, you could only purchase the tablet with an invitation (sound familiar?). The listing on the Google Store states that the that the kit is intended for developers, so it’s really not for consumer use. It’s also neat to see Google put the price up in a power-of-2 format (that being the $512 list price).

As noted, it’s really meant for developers at the moment with limited consumer appeal. For its part though, looking to the future, Google says that the sensors can be applied to tasks such as improving navigation for visually-impaired users, providing step-by-step directions within buildings, and can even offer more immersive video games.

Sadly though, the tablet isn’t available here and we don’t know whether it will ever come to our shores. You could perhaps import it through freight forwarders or “shop for me” services that operate within the US, but this will probably bump up the price. However, it’s worth remembering that the original price was well over US$1000.

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Source: Android Police.
Via: 9 to 5 Google.
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Typo in the writeup, Ales.
limited consumer appearl.

I hope Google stops and thinks and remembers how not happy Android fans were globally with the highly restricted rollout of Google Glass, and with the non-Google device, the OPO. And then I hope Google does the RightThing and makes this tablet available globally.

Rob De Mon

they can limit this to developers (world wide), its the next iteration, for consumers, that should be interesting.