850519251_1554687164291024236Google’s Clay Bauer just announced Cardboard 2.0 at Google IO 2015. This release is simpler to assemble (3 folds instead of 12) and now supports larger form factors, up to 6 inches. Google’s Cardboard 2.0 goal was to “Make VR available to everyone” and they have made this a lot more accessible than any other virtual reality device on the market. Cardboard is now an entire standalone ecosystem. There are already hundreds of apps, and growing, compatible with Cardboard. There are over 1 million cardboard viewers out there in the world. Clay says “thank you” to everyone who folded cardboard.

Other changes on Google Cardboard 2.0 is the magnet button. It didn’t work on every phone… now there’s a new button that works with everything (and it’s made out of cardboard, too). Cardboard now takes 3 steps to assemble instead of the previous origami expedition. There is an SDK out now that supports Android and iOS for developers to start integrate their apps.

All the people at Google I/O will receive a Goole Cardboard 2.0 pack and our very own Daniel Tyson (currently sitting in row 4 at the Keynote) will have his hands on one shortly!

Are you a Cardboard fan? The new features of Google Cardboard 2.o may drive the VR revolution fasted than we thought, integrating it into YouTube, classrooms and more! Have a look at the other posts on VR, Expeditions, Jump and a cool 16 GoPro rig for 360˚ video!