Android Pay

This morning Google finally divulged details on their new contactless payments system – Android Pay. Billed as an infrastructure layer for developers to tie into, it’s aimed at making contactless payments more accessible for everyone. We’re here at Google I/O, so we naturally took it for a spin.

There were two demonstrations set up. The first, straight-up Tap-to-Pay system, involved the digital wallet and a loyalty app from Coke (Coke Reward allows you to tap your phone on the NFC-enabled vending machine and deduct points from your Coke Rewards account to redeem for a free coke). This means the app has the option to use Android Pay as an in-app payment system.

The apps live on your phone, but you don’t need to have them open to initiate payment – simply unlock your phone, tap and you’re done.

The second demonstration featured a custom-built app from Wish, an online shopping vendor. The option was to simply select your goods (in this case a T-Shirt or mini-Android figure), select a quantity and then just tap the ‘Android Pay’ button. It was simple and seamless.

So, we know, by now you’re all quite excited. Australians are amongst the most enthusiastic adopters of contactless payment systems in the world, and Samsung and Apple are both rolling out their own solutions. The bad news is that – just like Google Wallet before it – Google has no timeline to share on expansion of Android Pay outside of the US. It would be nice to see Google’s solution reach our shores, and we’ll certainly be continuing to ask the question over the coming months as the system rolls out in the US.

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Yianni soc

really cool! what collectible did you get Dan?

Daniel Tyson

Haven’t opened it yet, i`ll get there when I get back 😉


bit sad the guy doesn’t know how to use it correctly.

Just unlock your phone and tap….. oh wait, I need to unlock the wallet, ok yeah now just tap……….. :/


Someone needs to fork Android for Australia (call it something like… Ausdroid) that includes Ausdroid Pay so we can actually get this.


its up to the banks/telcos basically……. Google ‘wallet’ works in Australia if you get it up and working using a US credit card etc.


That can in no way be described as “working” if you have to go to all the pain of using a US bank account


Its working as in its not something google needs to enable in its side, it’s ready to go. Its a bank telco issue as to why it doesn’t work in AUS so hound them!!

TheBagging Man

Can do the exact same thing with combank app. Has a widget, put in your pin and tap and go.


I don’t want to know details now. I only care about when when it will come to Australia.


Yeah, I don’t want to watch a video.
I’m in a food court for lunch right now.
I want an App update downloaded.
I want to go pay for a Schnitz chicken schnitzel with it. Now.

All this stuff is cool and dandy and never sees the light if day.

Daniel Higgins

“…Google has no timeline to share on expansion of Android Pay outside of Australia.”

In this context you mean outside of the US don’t you?