Acer’s announced some new Android, ChromeOS and wearable devices at Computex in Taipei this week.

First off, there’s updates to the Iconia One series, with 8-inch and 7-inch models replacing those already out there, and a MediaTek-powered option becoming available for the Iconia One 8 (a different model of which was previously announced with an Intel CPU).

The Iconia One 7 and 8 both feature Acer’s well-regarded Precision Plus touchscreen technology that allows you to use several writing implements (like a pencil) as a stylus on the tablet with superior accuracy for touch response. They also come with Android Lollipop, although Acer’s only specified Android 5.1 for the 8-inch model.

On the ChromeOS side, Acer’s bringing a new Chromebox to market, the CX12. These Intel-powered boxes will be available with Core i3 and Celeron processors, Intel HD graphics, a 16GB SSD and 8GB of RAM. Acer’s previous Chromebox line was pretty well-regarded and have found a place on at least one Ausdroid editor‘s desk.

Acer Chromebox CXI2

Acer also announced three new wearables under its Liquid Leap line – the Active does activity and sleep tracking, carries missed call, text message and meeting appointments over from the host phone and also doubles as a remote control for music playback; the Fit adds heart rate and stress sensors and runs 5 days on a single charge; the Curve brings it all together with the same features in a curved and distinct design with a 1.4-inch touchscreen and premium material bands for different occasions.

Local availability of all these new devices hasn’t been announced yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for news about them in the coming months.