VodafoneVodafone has asked us to tell you about their graduate program, which is now taking applications for the 2016 intake. Spread across their technology, marketing, finance and human resource functions, the program has twenty spaces available for graduates next year. Those who have or soon will graduate can apply online before 15 August, before interviews and selection for a start in January 2016.

Like any graduate program, the Vodafone offering includes a 12 month program designed to support growth and development and the transition to the full-time workforce. Unlike some programs, though, Vodafone graduates will become permanent employees meaning they won’t necessarily have to re-apply for a position at the end of the twelve-month period.

Vodafone Director of Human Resources, Michael Stanley, said the telco would offer successful applicants a varied experience complete with induction sessions, development workshops and a personal ‘buddy’ to assist and guide them while they find their feet at the company.

“We don’t just want to offer graduates a job, we want to offer them the chance to build a career,” said Mr Stanley.

“At Vodafone they’ll go through a thorough induction process and have numerous opportunities to participate in corporate workshops that will help them learn new skills and continually develop current ones.”

If you’re keen to see what Vodafone has to offer, check out their Graduate Careers page, and pop in an application. Having met and worked with a number of Vodafone’s staff over the last five years, I can say, hand on heart, that it would be a wonderful place to work. Everyone whose worked there has said as much to me, so if you’re in the market for a job next year after finishing uni, definitely give this some thought.