Humble Mobile Bundle 13
It’s been a big week for core Android news, so why not relax with a game or six courtesy of the Humble Mobile Bundle 13.

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle brings six great games worth over $24, with three being offered for whatever price you want to pay. The base level games, which are available for whatever price you want to pay, includes Hellraid: The Escape, The Ministry of Silly Walks, and Timelines: Assault on America (Premium). If you want to step up and beat the average price, which stands at US$2.97, you can grab Twisty Hollow, Worms 3, and Puzzle Retreat Complete.

The money raised is split between Humble Bundle, the developers and charities, which this week is the EFF and Worldreader.

Payments are accepted through Amazon, PayPal, Credit Card or BitCoin and you can keep a track of all your Humble Bundle apps, games, books and albums through the Humble Bundle Android app – which you can side-load after they removed it from Google Play.

If you’re interested, jump onto the deal on the Humble Mobile Bundle website now.

Source: Humble Bundle.
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    Peter Massey

    I bought it for Timelines but ended up playing Puzzle Retreat the most — except it only come up as the freebie as per Play Store. Can’t seem to play more than the first 32 games.

    Anyone else experienced that?