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When it comes to advertising, I`m no Darren Stevens or Don Draper, but I know what I like – and this sure as heck isn’t it. Brought to our attention by Rob over on the Ausdroid Google+ community, Samsung’s latest advert is possibly their most annoying yet and we’re pretty unanimous in wanting not to experience this on TV on a regular basis. Check it out for yourself:

We’re fans of the phone, especially after the latest updates have improved the software experience a fair bit, but we’d prefer not to see this advert on our TV screens please Samsung.

What do you think? Marketing genius (well they got us talking about it)? or What the f***?

Source: Samsung.
Via: +Rob.
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So the message is… Buy this phone. Then you will be cool like the people in this video.

What they don’t tell you… The men in white coats will be coming for you soon after.


As an Android fan, I’m not keen on Samsung phones. After seeing this ad, I’m not keen on humans 🙂

Brad Hook

It may be my youth talking, but there’s nothing wrong with this ad.

Upbeat, colourful and odd. If you’re marketing to young people – this is how you do it.

Daniel Tyson

Get off my lawn! 😉


Not the worst

vijay alapati

Still way better than some of the Robert Downey Jr.’s HTC ad forM7 and Gary Oldman’s HTC ad for M8, which costed them a bomb.


the really were expensive stinkers , nearly as bad as buying beats for 300 mill selling it back to Dr Dre and Co who then sold it for 3.2 billion


It’s no more offensive than the radio. I’d guess this is for the kids.


Darren Stevens, as in the husband of Samantha on Bewitched? Now that’s a blast from the past!


Indeed, and in the show they had him come up with some quite poor quality ads as well.

Daniel Tyson

I thought I was doing well to list Don Draper. Darren Stevens is more my style of show…Samantha roawr!!!


An ad to make you NOT want to buy, or get on contract, that Samsung device

What were the ad execs smoking when they thought that braindead ad was a GreatIdea.