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Sony has been rather coy regarding the launch of Android TV in Australia, we’ve been at them fairly constantly since they were announced back at CES in January. Well, the wait is nearly over with the Sony Australia website now showing all the models, specs and pricing for Sony’s Android TV range in Australia.

There’s both 4K/UHD and FullHD Android TV’s available, though there’s no date of availability – simply a ‘Coming Soon’ tag. The pricing ranges from $1,399 for their lowest end FullHD set through to $7,299 for a 75″ 4K/UHD monster. The sets run Android TV as their smart tv software, offering the custom Android TV leanback experience designed for your living room.

Models available include :



65 Inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart 3D
with Android TV
75 Inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart 3D
with Android TV
65 Inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart 3D with Android TV 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart 3D with Android TV 49 Inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart with Android TV
KD65X9300C KD75X8500C KD65X8500C KD55X8500C KD49X8300C
4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
Greater clarity, colour and contrast with
“our new” powerful 4K processor X1 chip
4K X-Reality™ Pro Up-scaling Android TV: Google Play Store for apps, movies and music, Google Cast ready & Voice Search
$6,999.00(AUD inc. GST) $7,299.00(AUD inc. GST) $4,999.00(AUD inc. GST) $3,299.00(AUD inc. GST) $2,299.00(AUD inc. GST)


75 Inch Full HD LED Smart with Android TV 65 Inch Full HD LED Smart with Android TV 55 Inch Full HD LED Smart with Android TV 50 Inch Full HD LED Smart with Android TV 43 Inch Full HD LED Smart with Android TV
KDL75W850C KDL65W850C KDL55W800C KDL50W800C KDL43W800C
Full HD LED Display (1920×1080)
X-Reality PRO Picture Engine
Android TV: Google Play Store for apps, movies and music, Google Cast ready & Voice Search
$ 5,699.00
(AUD inc. GST)
$ 3,299.00
(AUD inc. GST)
$ 2,299.00
(AUD inc. GST)
$ 1,799.00
(AUD inc. GST)
$ 1,399.00
(AUD inc. GST)

We’ve reached out to Sony Australia for more information on timing for the launch of the Sony Bravia Android TV models, and we hope to update with that information soon.

Source: Sony Australia.
Thanks: +Michael.
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Sony TVs have used Linux as for the OS for a decade or more so Android makes sense to replace their own version. It seems Samsung are going to use their own Tizen (Linux aswell) which sucks it would be nice if they all had the same OS so more app development.


‘Dumb’ TV plus an Android TV box is a much better option IMHO

Phil Tann

Cheaper too! o.O
Sony screens are truly GORGEOUS though.

TheBagging Man

Yup! And when there’s a new API for Android TV and Sony doesn’t upgrade it!


That’s one I wondered about with AndroidTV. Who delivers updates? Google? The TV (or STB) makers? I mean AndroidTV is much more locked down so makers can’t skin it. Same with wear.

Daniel Tyson

Google will be delivering updates to Android TV directly – there’s no option for OEMs to refuse the update.


yep, I grab the fastest one available for the 99 dollar price point every two years and its a big jump forward, the TV guts will get old fast.
hard to find a decent ‘dumb TV’ now – I presume the android ones are potentially slower in their general menu systems cause they have more loaded up than is necessary when you are switching to a channel,using a console, using an external android box and not just accessing their built in apps?


that’s just it, all the high quality TVs are ‘smart’ anyway. I’d be happy if they just made a tuner that was INSTANT when changing channels like the old analog TVs.


How much OS apps install space, and how much user data storage space?

Daniel Tyson

When they launch, we’ll find out.


I’m interested in the KD55X8500C. Does anyone know for certain that there is at least one HDMI 2.0 input on this TV? I can’t confirm it via Sony’s website.

Daniel Tyson

Hoping we can get a better look at them soon – that’s a question I`ll be asking for sure


Good stuff.


This is the worst time of the year to buy a TV prices are the highest as the new models have just come in. Jan to March is the best time with models going out. Prices can get as low as 50% or more of their launch price around Jan to March.


yeah except the outgoing models aren’t so good. Last year’s Samsung 48″ had a lot of lip sync problems and motion issues. Last year’s LG, Panasonic and Sony weren’t so hot for various reasons either (sluggish interface, poor remote, high gaming lag, etc etc).

Jamie S

Apparently these haven’t had very good reviews in the US.


Apparently? Which reviewers are you referring to?

Jamie S

The 55-inch model at best buy US has pretty average reviews and a US contact of mine just bought a 4K panel and stayed away from them. Some of the other models may be ok?


Thats an interesting image. All those local tv apps that currently aren’t available.


Good pick up, they are the apps i want too.
well the ABC and SBS ones.
They are under the Sony Select so maybe exclusives but im sure someone will get the APK off them


I did wonder if they were just bullshots or a Sony exclusive. Seems odd that SBS and the ABC would do that.


i believe they could be Freeview plus enabled, should have all the networks catch up apps built in if so. Most of their new range is supporting Freeview plus so it would make sense.


Dammit. and I just got one, but with their Sony OS. (Should of waited for the android one)

Caleb Johns

you’re probably paying an extra grand just for the Android TV function