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Since 2007, Google has been feeding Transit information into Google Maps to help navigate around the world. Over the years, they’ve expanded to more than 18,000 cities and towns in 64 countries, across six continents, and today they’re adding more sources as well as improving the way results are displayed.

Today, Google has announced that they’re bringing on board 25+ new partners in the U.K., Netherlands, Budapest, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle – sorry Melbourne, not just yet.

The information from their more than 100 transit partners is about to get smarter as well, with Google Maps able to display relevant journeys in a better organised list that summarises your options if you need to change your plans, or miss a connection.

I’ve spent the last 4 months travelling through Barcelona, London, Sydney, San Francisco and Los Angeles on the public transport system and Google Transit has been a life-saver, but this latest update will make it easier to do.

While these changes are nice, Melbourne still doesn’t have transit information and we’re hoping that Google will bring it soon; until then, enjoy your improved transit directions rest of the world.

Source: Google Lat-Long blog.
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Working well here in Brisbane.
Just tested it on a few multiple transfer trips I do.

Luke Pocock

Is it only me thats scratching my head about Melbourne Public Transport and Google Maps. Everyone on the net reported that Google is pretty good at getting this on board quickly and that it should happen in days but its almost been 3 months since the state government delivered the data in the appropriate format. Is this something that can be asked to Google?


Yeah I’m pretty disappointed it’s taken this long but I can only imagine Google is doing plenty of testing to make sure they get it right. Then again, maybe the hold up is because they’re looking to integrate real-time scheduling of Melbourne’s public transport data into Google Maps. If this is the case it will be well worth the wait!


If that’s the case, I would like to shut up and wait. Else…..


Conspiracy theory: Google Maps is based in Sydney, and there’s the Sydney-Melbourne rivalry…


Come on Melbourne. COME ON.

I know it’s close… but the wait has been freaking ridiculous.

Darren Ferguson

Noticed the highway on my way to work in Hobart started showing traffic!


Wow, even Hobart and Brisbane has transit information. Poor Melbourne

Dennis Bareis

I was using it in the Sticks in Queensland!