Slack has given their Android app a shot in the arm with a number of much needed improvements, material design, better performance and more specific notifications in their latest update.

Slack has grown in popularity for team communication in a lot of businesses world wide with their take on what business messaging should be. The concept is a cross platform hybrid of IRC and a standard IM program such as Hangouts, Whatsapp or Viber, utilising both broadcast spaces called channels as well as offering users the ability to private message each other.

Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and of course Android the messaging platform allows team communication on the go but until the update overnight the Android app was to be honest, lacking. The app suffered performance issues, the notifications were fairly generic (not particularly useful) and material design wasn’t even on the radar at the time of the first release, so much so that it felt like an iOS port that got a “that’s good enough, release it”. The update has smashed the old version out of the park, it’s snappy, the notification work really well for channels or private chats and material design; nailed it!

This is a massive step forward for Slack and something they should be immensely proud of, these changes could be the trigger for a lot of users to switch to their platform. If you’re keen to find out more, you can grab it from the Play Store

Price: Free

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Source: Slack HQ.