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Sony Australia updated their website this week, announcing the impending arrival of their 2015 range of Android TV powered UHD and FullHD panels. The pricing and basic specs were made available, but availability was left off, until now. Sony has just announced the following availability dates for their Android TV’s.

The new 2015 Sony Bravia range will begin arriving in stores across Australia next week, beginning with the lower end range, with higher end models arriving in July and August.

The new 2015 Sony Bravia range are Australia’s first TV’s to run Google’s Android TV platform, which is based on Android 5.0, Lollipop – which of course features full access to Google Play. The new Sony range features an ultra-slim profile with the high end X9000 model measuring just 4.9mm at its thinnest point.

The pricing and availability for the 2015 Bravia range is as follows:

BRAVIA modelScreen sizeSuggested retailAvailability

We’re eagerly awaiting our first hands-on with the Sony Bravia Android TV range, though some of the models may take longer to make it here than we’d like. With pricing, specs and dates now available, we should be getting a review of these out as soon as we possibly can.

Which model tickles your fancy?

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

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Went to my local JB Hi Fi and they’re in the system and put a 65″ UHD on hold. They’re selling them about $300 below RRP. Delivery date is TBC.
My mate has the previous model and he said the upscaling using the internal signal is much better than using external sources. I’ve just had the NBN connected so looking forward to streaming some UHD Netflix content!


At those prices, I’m better off hunting for a decent dumb TV, and hoping someone does a decent specced Android TV STB.

Michael Delpach
Ausdroid Reader

Yay! 10 days more!


Well given that the position and size of my apartment’s TV niche and my entertainment unit’s size combine to limit my TV to 55cm (26″), none of them. 110cm (43″) is the smallest size they’re making nowadays? That’s absurd.

Not everybody has the space for ginormous screens like these, why don’t they make at least some in smaller sizes? I don’t care if it’s not 4k, 1080i or 720p is fine, what I want is the network connectivity and stuff for a modern internet TV.

Jamie Ackland
Jamie Ackland

Totally agree, we are “small Living” and have an older 32inch Bravia , could maybe fix a 42″ max,, would be nice! does anyone know if samsung has plans for android TV? would make sense with the high Smartphone uptake!

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