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Online retailer Kogan has begun offering the LG G4 for as low as $739 + delivery, with prices dropped for an introductory offer, until 2am AEST Tuesday morning.

The deal is for the metallic back – available in Gold, Grey and White – but they’re also offering the Red, Black and Brown leather options for $799 + delivery. The phones aren’t currently in stock, with stock estimated to leave their warehouse within 1-2 weeks.

The model on offer is the LG-H815, which Kogan says supports Australian 4G bands, listing support for 4G on 700/800/850/900/1700/1800/1900/2100/2600MHz, though that 700MHz band can be tricky (we use Band 28 700MHz in Australia). Still, the rest check out fairly well.

It’s timely to remind you that these are grey imports – so there’s no real information on where the phone has come from, so tracking software updates could be difficult. LG were quite timely with their Lollipop update for the G3, so we expect good support from them this time around.

If you’re interested in a G4 from Kogan, you can head over to their website and check it out now – or you can of course grab one from any number of sources, Yatango (from $849.95), eBay ($699 for Leather) or you can wait for the official launch which we expect later this month.

Source: Kogan.
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George Carmack

Who whould pay 799.00 for a phone a Millionaire or a fool….go figure

Phill Edwards

The comment in the about Android updates is a good one. I bought a G2 from Kogan and while lots of other versions have had lollipop updates, whatever version they were selling still has no lollipop 🙁


Well, I want to see the mythical LG Nexus 5.2, and the 2015 Moto X first. In a few months, the price of the G4 will drop a bit more. We’ll see then.

Lucas Buchanan

Is there any reason anyone could share to wait for the Australian release? I see the ambiguity of whether it has the 700MHz 4GX band. It may be potentially lacking some ‘freebies’ like I have seen advertised with some US carriers. However nothing could be slower then waiting on Telstra to push updates, so that isn’t an issue on my mind.

Lucas Buchanan

Oh and having to wait ‘1 – 2 weeks for dispatch’

Alex Gerontzos

Tbh, the last phone I paid for was my nexus 4. From that through work I have been handed an m8 and z3 both are great phones and haven’t made me purchase anything else until the G4.. I am seriously considering breaking my 5 year no contract drought for this gem.


I’m using the G4 to write this post and previously had the G3. I can say that it’s a fantastic device which excels in so many ways. The colour accuracy is much better as is the brightness. The camera is as good as all of the reviews – you can take a picture and get a phenomenal photo each time – also the front facing camera is extremely accurate. The processor shows virtually no lag, and is the chip which should have been in the G3 pushing the quad hd panel. I didn’t go with the Samsung as the screen… Read more »


For me, my G4 is a 10. I have the dual sim G4. I am absolutely in love with it. I have now my note 3 as well and my G4 is better. The battery of my G4 last for 3days.


Mighty tempted to get one of these to replace my Optimus G. Nothing wrong with it, just feel like upgrading.


At this point I figure I’m better off waiting for the next Neuxs/Nexii… and by the time that/they’re out, if it/they turn out to be not what I want, then it’s only a short wait until the next flagships from Samsung, HTC, etc.


And they are selling the LG G3 for near half that price, and can anyone tell me the G4 is twice as good?

I can understand maybe a 20% premium, but from a practical perspective these new phone just ain’t that much better than the old ones to justify apple levels of overpricing.

I somehow doubt I’ll buy a phone over $500, ever. It’s just not worth it.

Daniel Tyson

G3 is pretty great, I’ve used it in Barcelona, London and San Francisco in the last couple of months and it’s been great, but I’ve been in contact with the G4 briefly and it’s absolutely amazing, especially the camera.

Twice as good, perhaps not, but the camera is absolutely amazing.


Daniel, I’m about 2 seconds away from buying the G4 after reading this post. Would you say the G4 camera is on par, or better than the Galaxy S6 camera?

I have the S6 and think it has a brilliant camera. Is the G4’s at least as good?


Andrew, it is at least the equal, and in some respects, more powerful. Shutter speed control is one of the key differences, and overall it just seems to perform a little better.

vijay alapati

Can these be added to s6 with software update? Or do they need hardware changes? I brought a s6 recently


Thanks Chris. I’ve purchased the G4. Been reading a lot of positive comments about it.


If you want the newest toy, you pay for it.
If you are fine with a good phone from last year, the G3 will make you very happy.