Last weeks sale on the OnePlus wasn’t long enough for some, and OnePlus have recognised the continued popularity of their now 13-month old handset at the new price – so it’s staying around. The OnePlus will now have a permanant price of US$249 for the 16GB model, and US$299 for the 64GB model. As an added incentive however, they’ve also added a Dropbox promotion, offering the 64GB OnePlus One with a Dropbox Pro subscription for US$349.

The Dropbox offer is only valid for US, Canada and EU customers, but we know how to use a VPN here in Australia. Dropbox Pro includes a number of bonuses for customers, but you’ll have to hold off until June 10th for the promo to start to take advantage. The benefits of Dropbox Pro include :

1TB of Dropbox space: Get plenty of space to backup, sync, and share files across all of your devices. Your files stored in Dropbox are 256-bit AES and SSL encrypted with two-step verification, so data remains safe and secure.
Unmatched compatibility: Dropbox apps run on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Desktop apps are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also access your Dropbox in any web browser. And since everything you keep in Dropbox is synced automatically across your devices, you can access your data at any time.
Secure sharing: Send any file to your friends with a simple URL, even if they themselves don’t have a Dropbox account. These links can be password protected or set to automatically expire after a set period of time.
Image backups: With the Dropbox app for Android, you can choose to have your One’s camera images uploaded to Dropbox as you take them.

The requirement to purchase a OnePlus One from the US, and use a shipping forwarder still exists, but it’s still not a bad deal for a phone that’s getting a lot of love for the most part from owners. If you’re wanting to grab a OnePlus One head over to their order page and star the process.

Source: OnePlus.