Telstra G4
After playing coy initially around the time of the announcement of the LG G4, Telstra has today announced they will be carrying the flagship phone when it launches in Australia.

Telstra has pushed out an update on all their social media channels announcing the phone will be coming to their 4GX network, though as usual they haven’t announced when, how much or any of the juicy details we love to hear about. Telstra is keen however to capture your interest, posting a sign-up page to register your interest in the handset by signing up to their mailing list on LG products.

Optus too will be carrying the LG G4 when it launches, though their offshoot carrier, Virgin Mobile, won’t. Vodafone hasn’t yet advised their plans for the G4, though we would be shocked if they didn’t offer what seems to be an immensely popular handset.

Exclusives will obviously feature with the G4, with Plastic, Ceramic coated and Leather back options in many different colours being offered by LG. Which carrier will get the colour or material you’re after may be the deciding factor on which plan you choose.

The only information we currently have available on launch for the G4 is for late June or early July, but rest assured we’ll bring you all the news as soon as it’s available.

Source: Telstra.
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Good to hear the telco’s will carry it, but I’ve already purchased one from a post I read here on Ausdroid.


so can we “confirm” brown and black leather back for Australia?


what’s the deal with the grammar in the headline ??

“Telstra will confirms they will carry the LG G4 at launch”

Daniel Tyson

It’s what happens when you bust a post out in a ‘Smoke Break’ while you’re at work.