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Andromax Q
Australians love visiting Indonesia, it’s second only to New Zealand as our most favoured international destination, so next time you’re visiting the country you might be able to grab a Cyanogen powered phone called the Andromax Q.

Cyanogen has announced that their newest hardware partner is an Indonesian company called Smartfren, who intends to release the Andromax Q for around 1.3 million Rupiah or just under AUD$127. The phone will have a decent spec list, with a very similar spec to the recently released Android One handsets announced by Google – though this phone has the advantage of LTE.

The Andromax Q specs haven’t appeared on the Smartfren website as yet, though it’s expected to run CM 12 (Android 5.0). Most likely the handset will see a few inclusions when you purchase it though, so we’ll be looking forward to the launch when it comes.

Source: +Cyanogen.
Via: AndroidPolice.

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Daniel Tyson

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GadgetGaul has some photos of the devices from their launch.
That’s correct. Devices. Plural.
There were 4 Haier Andromax devices launched.
Models top to bottom:
Andromax R
Andromax Q and Qi
Andromax Ec and Es

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www . gadgetgaul . com / smartfren-hadirkan-lima-ponsel-android-4g-lte . html

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