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If you’re keen on the Oneplus (or information on the Oneplus Two) a really good place to be is the Oneplus Forums. One of the Oneplus Staff members and Head of Mobile Product at Oneplus; Helen, provided a relatively thorough update on the state of CM12.1 and Oxygen OS for the Oneplus One including some of the issues that has led to a number of users being dissatisfied with their phones.

First and most importantly from a user perspective, CM12.1 is almost ready based on Android 5.1 and a build is currently undergoing certification, at which point one can only assume; OTA updates will commence.

The Touchscreen issues

The issue that just won’t go away for the Oneplus, dating back to the first release of phones and continuing right up to the present day with multiple fixes that claimed to resolve the problem in August 2014, October 2014 which included a second update claiming to fix the issue and again in December.

In the post; Helen has acknowledged some of the side effects suffered as a result of these fixes, as well as stating that the testing on the latest fix is quite stringent.

Some of you have been experiencing touchscreen issues, we’ve gone through several iterations of the fix to make sure the solution works with the different panels we have, and eliminated some of the side effects we’ve seen like battery drain and mura effects. The last iteration is undergoing stringent testing, it’s looking stable and promising. Both OxygenOS and CM will get the latest fix.

As the post progresses, she notes that due to the pending release of the Oneplus Two there is little chance of an OTA for the community build of Oxygen OS but further noting that the pace of updates will increase as Oxygen is the official operating system for the Oneplus Two.

Wonderful news for the users who like to dabble in the latest, greatest and perhaps experimental realm within Android.

Has the Oneplus Two piqued your interest enough to earn some of your hard earned cash when it releases?

Source: Oneplus Forums.
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Why is Cyanogenmod 12 taking so long to release a Milestone stable version? I’m on nexus 6 and haven’t left stock yet because there has been no release of an ‘M’ version for over 6 months now. What’s going on???

Liam Saliba

I’m on the latest nightly, on a OnePlus One. Seriously, I have no idea why it hasn’t hit stable yet, I’ve had no issues since I installed the nightly in January…


Lot of reports say the one plus one touchscreen issue is a hardware fault due to poor grounding. Some have fixed it by taking the phone apart and redoing the tape holding the screen together.

Let’s hope they leart for the one plus two!