Snapchat has begun a roll out update of its app to users which brings a couple of new interesting features.

The biggest new feature involves the inclusion of 2-Factor Authentication, which at this time involves sending an SMS to verify your login to a device. Once enabled, you are sent an SMS which enables the feature and allows you forget devices, as well as send a recover code if you lose your phone or change your mobile number.

The second feature added ‘Battery filters — add a little something to your Snaps when you’re all juiced up 🙂 or low on battery :(‘ simply adds a battery status on your snapchat when you swipe through the filters. When your battery is relatively full, it’s green and when it’s almost empty, it’s red.

The update is rolling out to users right now if you have it installed, and for new users, the update seems to not be staggered as we were able to download the new version with 2FA and additional filters directly from Google Play.

Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free
Source: Google Play - Snapchat.
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You’re a scary looking man, Daniel….

Daniel Tyson

Lol, I thought it brought up the quality of the post 10 fold!!