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Google’s subsidiary Nest is set to announce ‘something’ on June 17th, but the cat is well and truly out of the bag, with press renders of their new ‘Nest Cam’ as well as an updated app, leaking before the event.

The new Nest Cam is Nest’s first product to launch since Google purchased them last January. The camera recently took a trip through the US FCC certification body, and shows the camera will include the usual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth required for an internet connected camera, and the leak yesterday shows that the camera will support 1080P streaming.

The Nest Cam will also come with a new app, which seems to streamline the entire Nest product line, including the Nest thermostat, Nest Protect CO2 detector and the other DropCam cameras.

Nest and DropCam have never sold their devices in Australia, and when I spoke with Nest at Google I/O, they advised that they would like to sell their entire range here, but need to ensure a smooth customer experience. We’ve certainly raised the flag on social media that we’d love to check out their range, but we don’t expect any international expansion in the near future – stay tuned for next weeks launch, anything could happen.

Source: Droid-Life.
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    Mark Brown

    I’ve got the Nest Protect, which I picked up when travelling to the US. It’s a great product.

    Depending on cost, and features, I could see myself picking up a couple of these cameras.


    appnana hack Good to see Google taking such huge measures with Ar. Kudos to the whole team for releasing arcore. Great article Dan! Thank you so much for sharing.