Google is often interested in testing and feedback on their products to improve them, and now it appears they’ve taken to asking users directly in their apps, offering at least one user a survey on their satisfaction with search in Google Play while they were in Google Play.

reddit user SpiderDice uploaded screenshots of the prompt and the subsequent survey offered while perusing the My Apps section of Google Play.

The survey appears to be a Chrome browser tab rather than a ‘standard’ survey within Google’s Opinion Rewards app normally used by Google when asking for feedback on their own products. From the comments, this is confirmed with SpiderDice replying that the survey continued in the app, and no financial reward was gained from answering the survey.

The subject of the survey – search within Google Play – is a touchy subject for a number of Android users, who have been left with one of the worst search functions seen in any product. Something a little strange for a company known as delivering the best, and most intuitive search results.

We hope that this survey appears a few more times, people answer honestly and we finally see an improvement on search within Google Play. Let us know if you see any of these surveys within any Google app.

Source: reddit.