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Are you a university or TAFE student? Do you like to code apps, websites gadgets or just play around with stuff? Think you can come up with a working product, app or whosit in 24 hours? Then check out Unihack 2015.

From the guys who brought you last years Unihack – Terence Huynh (from fame) from WIRED Monash, and Matthew Rossi from the IT student society at Monash University Clayton, Unihack is again offering people the chance to build something and win a bunch of cool prizes.

The event will take place at the Inspire9 co­-working space in Richmond, Melbourne and run for 24 hours starting at 12 pm on Saturday August 15.

At the end of the 24 hour period, a judging panel consisting of some of the best developers and designers in the Australian IT industry will check out your widget, app, website, hardware toy and decide on a winner; the winner of course receiving $3000 in cold hard cash. Second and Third place getters will also get cash, with $1000 and $500 awarded respectively and there will be more prizes, from a bunch of great sponsors the team have gotten on board, announced closer to the actual date.

Unihack 2015 registrations are now open, so if you think you’ve got what it takes to build something cool in just 24-hours and you can be in Melbourne on August 15th, head over to to register – it’s a cool $15 – and you’ll get a free shirt and other goodies, as well as food to keep you going for 24-hours on the date. You can also follow @unihackmelb on Twitter for all the latest info.

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    Terence Huynh

    And like last year, there are song lyrics in the source code. I PROMISE THERE IS NO RICKROLL.

    Daniel Tyson

    At least Immortals is a better song.