Humble BulkyPix Bundle
The Humble Mobile Bundle has been updated this morning, with the fine folks partnering with developer BulkyPix for the latest bundle which gives you the opportunity to grab up to eight (or more) titles for a pretty low price.

As usual with the Humble Bundles, there’s some games you can grab for whatever price you want to pay, with Pretentious Game – Lovers Edition, iPollute, Meltdown© Premium, and Type:Rider up for grabs, but if you want to pay more than the average price – which stands at US$3.84 at the moment – you can grab Dark Lands Premium, Twin Blades, Corto Maltese, and Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Complete and whatever games they add in the next week or two till the bundle ends.

As usual, you’re best off grabbing the Humble Bundle Android app to keep track of your bundles, as well as receive notifications of new bundles when they pop up.

Payment options, as usual, include Amazon, PayPal, Credit Card or BitCoin with options to share your payment between the Humble Bundle team, the developers and of course a charity, which this time around is a single entity: Prevent Cancer Foundation.

If you want to grab a bargain, head over to the Humble Mobile Bundle website and bag a bargain.

Source: Humble Bundle Mobile.