Outware Mobile, the developers behind a couple of apps in Google Play in their own right such as Snap Send Solve, has announced a Material Design update for one of their other apps designed and produced on behalf of Better Health Channel.

Content in the Better Health app is developed by the Department of Health (Victoria) in consultation with over 200 content partners and is reviewed by subject matter experts as part of a rigorous quality assurance approval process. Information is evidence based and reflects current best practice.

The Material Design update for the Better Health Channel app includes a new card layout on the home screen, as well as updated styling throughout the app to bring it into line with Google’s Material Design guidelines. The new styling also includes improved headers, touch states and usability according to Outware Mobile.

The Material Design update has been added to the latest version of the app which is now available, for free, through Google Play.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Outware Mobile.