The very popular, strategic first person shooter (FPS) game Payday is making its way to mobile platforms according to the publisher Starbreeze Studios who have partnered with mobile game specialist Cmune.

Anyone who has played or seen the game in its current form would know immediately, that the game is not mobile friendly; in fact its not very friendly to anything other than a relatively new gaming PC or Playstation which is why Seabreeze have engaged Cmune to focus on a brand new Payday experience tailored to mobile devices.

For those unfamiliar with the game, the baseline story is you’re bank robbers who hope to nab as much as possible without getting caught. As you’d expect there’s always a catch, hopefully it’s not the cops catching you.

Heres a taste of what may be in store when Payday makes its way to mobile.

One point that really caught my eye when reading their release was this

We’re used to seeing PAYDAY in a cooperative setting, and are really excited to explore how PAYDAY can evolve onto new platforms and see what we can do with competitive gameplay on mobile.

Which really excites me, on two fronts; first they’re committed to keeping true to the multiplayer facet of the game and second, the hint that there may be something new or special when Payday does land on mobile.

When we do see Payday on mobile, who wants to come rob some banks and reap the rewards?

Source: Starbreeze.
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    I’ve often looked at payday on steam, there’s not a single player option is there?

    Phil Tann

    Yeah there is!
    Its a lot more fun with friends though