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St George bank has today announced an exciting new update for their customers, adding a cardless cash option to their app and ATMs.

The cardless cash option has been added to give customers options when they leave the house without their wallet, or to enable them to get cash to someone else in an emergency such as if a family member is stranded somewhere without cash. The Cardless Cash option can be used at all St George ATMs nationwide as well as at BankSA and Bank of Melbourne machines.

The new option represents new functionality for the app, which Dhiren Kulkarni, St.George’s CIO, said is used by 50% of their customers to make payments, and with this new option they can now get cash out with no card. Travis Tyler, St.George’s Head of Mobile, said ‘Cardless Cash also provides customers with the ability to easily share a cash code with someone from within the app via SMS’.

To access Cardless Cash from within the app is surprisingly simple. Once your app has been updated, you’ll see a Cardless Cash button at the bottom. You’ll have to do a one-off verification via SMS or phone call and then it’s as simple as selecting how much cash you want to withdraw and from whichever of your accounts you choose. Or, as St George put it:

  1. Sign into your St.George mobile banking app and select the ‘cardless cash’ feature
  2. Select the account and enter how much you wish to withdraw (you can withdraw up to three times a day and a total of $1,000 per week)
  3. A ‘cash code’ is generated instantly which expires in 3 hours
  4. Go to any St.George Banking Group ATM and select ‘Cardless Withdrawal’ button
  5. Enter the cash code and the agreed amount or less to withdraw your cash

The update is now live in Google Play so ensure that your app has been updated and then try it out…you can send me some cash ;).

St.George Mobile Banking
St.George Mobile Banking
Developer: St.George Bank
Price: Free
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    David Watt

    Would prefer NFC payment integration. I’m with St George, but I doubt I’ll use this, as I always have my wallet on me.


    That sounds like a pretty cool thing, and not I’d heard offered by other banks.


    It’s been in the Commonwealth Bank app for a few months.
    I haven’t had a need to use it yet, so no idea how smoothly the CommBank implementation of it works.