Going offline is never fun, but Google started at least trying to make it bearable last year, when they added a fun game to the Chrome offline screen. The game has now been updated to make it a little harder – if you can reach a certain level.

The Chrome offline game is an endless runner starring a T-rex, running along a desert jumping cactus. For every 100 points you accrue, the game gets a little faster and a little harder. Now, if you can manage to reach 500 points – I’ve only ever managed 412 – you will now see pterodactyls. The pterodactyls now present a new obstacle, which you’ll need to duck, as well as the cactii you need to jump – you can jump with the up arrow/space button, and duck with the down arrow.

Time to cut that Wi-Fi connection and start getting the T-Rex moving. Share your top score below.

Source: François Beaufort.