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Cloud service provider Dropbox has listened to consumer demand and today introduces its new ‘file requests’ feature to allow you to collect photos, documents and more from your friends, family and coworkers. Anyone with a smartphone knows that it can be difficult to transfer files with others; email is slow and cumbersome, and other methods can leave things a bit fragmented.

Enter Dropbox. No longer do you have to fish through email attachments to find the files you asked your cousin for; they’ll be delivered straight to a Dropbox folder that you specify. Need to ask your mates for photos from the weekend? Send them a file request. Need to collect reports from some of your clients? File request. You get the idea.


Dropbox has made it nice and simple. You can collect files from anyone, whether they’ve got a Dropbox account or not. Files can be of any size up to 2GB, far in excess of most email attachment limits.

The feature is live now for Dropbox Basic and Pro users. For more information you can check out Dropbox’ help centre article on the feature.

Source: Dropbox blog.