LGWhether you’ve ummed and ahhed over LG mobile phones before, all of us at Ausdroid agree on one thing; LG have made fantastic Nexus devices, and so it is with bated breath and much anticipation that we report on the rumour that LG will make another Nexus phone this year, alongside one from Huawei.

A news report from Korea indicates LG’s next Nexus will be a premium device, running Android M out of the box (duh) and supposedly featuring a 3D camera. That last bit is a bit of out left field, but other phones have used the dual camera recently (HTC One M8 and M8S) to reasonable effect.

Unfortunately, my Korean isn’t all that crash hot, so I have to make do with Google’s translation of Korean to some mangled form of English, but the camera module is the stand-out in an otherwise fairly bland report.

Where does this sit on the rumour barometer? Well, let’s look at facts:

  • LG have made the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 already.
  • Both were rather popular compared to those that came before (and after).
  • LG have a brilliant platform in-market already: the G4.
  • The G4 would look wonderful in Nexus clothes.
  • Android M has been previewed, and is all but guaranteed to launch end of this year, alongside a new Nexus handset (or handsets).
  • The Nexus 6 from Motorola, though not much good (in my humble opinion) was priced as a ‘premium’ device. There’s precedent for a higher-priced Nexus phone now.

In short, there’s good reason to believe LG may be making a new Nexus handset, but it is just speculation at this stage in the game. LG and Huawei are undoubtedly remaining tight-lipped at this stage, as manufacturers almost never let slip that they’re working with Google ahead of a Google announcement.

Source: inews24 (Korean).
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A $500+ Nexus isn’t going to get my custom… Neither will a 5-inch+ screen… I suspect I am not alone in this. Hopefully Google have learnt from the moderate failure of the Nexus 6…


I think the sub $500 nexus device days are over our $ sucks compared to 2 years ago . Rumors suggest bigger screen Huawei and smaller screen LG Hoping for a 5.0″ to 5.2″ with 1080p screen, decent camera( don’t care about MP), long lasting battery. I was happy with nexus 5 feel don’t care for metal and glass . Pricing I think will be $600-$700 . It will be interesting to see if the rumored higher spec Huawei with 5.7″ and QHD will be more , less or the same price as LG.

Stephen Crisafulli

The more nexus the better. I prefer a cheap phone full of compromises (N4) over an expensive phone full of compromises (N6)

vijay alapati

why not give a chance to Sony…which is really struggling hard to survive


Sony had a change in the nexus program and blew it big time! It was rumoured to be building a phone with google but pulled out at the last minute. Samsung stepped in and made the ‘Nexus S’ device. So doubt Google will be running back there again!


Err, is this “3D camera” as in two cameras an eyes distance apart – or 3D camera as in Project Tango?

Either way “premium device” suggests overpricing again – which is daft. Needs to be less than $500.


If the 3D camera is true, I suspect it’s something like dual camera’s like what HTC did.

And I’d be happy to pay a premium price for a premium device – assuming it’s absolutely high end in every sense – build materials, screen, processor, camera etc.


Slashgear suggests it’s a Tangoish camera – which would tie up with them supposed to be launching something this year. Would also make sense of their being two phones in development. However, it would disappoint many people if the N5 2015 end up being an overpriced Tango dev phone. People want a decent non-phablet at a sane price. And as for ‘pay a premium price’ – a bit of glass or metal costs little, screens have no reason to be more than fullHD, the cutting edge processors seem to be too hot to be useful, and the cameras have reached… Read more »


Will be interesting to see the LG and Huawei Nexus phones. Aside from the screen and battery size I’m wondering if they will have other differences.

I’d prefer if the LG Nexus used a high-end premium build. I’d pay extra for that easily.

Was pretty disappointed with the G4’s build and feel. Even with the leather back it just feels like a cheap, plastic phone to me.


An LG Nexus with a high-end premium build that is not a phablet like the Nexus 6? Sold!


My only feeling for LG nexus devices are just cheap with plastic body nothing else. Will buy Huawei Nexus for sure.