Announced back in September in 2014, the Moto G gen 2 is still a great phone, but Motorola has been speeding up the release schedule for their phones. The time difference between the release of the original Moto G and the gen 2 Moto G is a mere 10 months, meaning if they stick to this schedule – and a leak of a phone purporting to be a gen 3 Moto G shows it’s possible – a third generation Moto G could be announced next month.

The phone shows a similar design to previous models, though the phone now has a strikingly distinct rear mounted block, where LG have been mounting their power and volume keys on the G Series phones for the last few years – though it doesn’t appear that Motorola will be aping that particular design. The phone appears to have a carbon fibre shell, with a centre-mounted camera and Dual-LED flash – apart from that, there’s little else to see.

Spec wise, the Moto G 2015 – apparently model # XT1543 – will come with a Snapdragon ‘S410’ processor, with a 720P display and an 8MP rear camera. The phone will launch with Andorid 5.1.1, with Motorola again doing a stellar job of ensuring they release handsets with the most up to date version of Android on-board.

Release wise, we could see the phone in July, but could stretch anywhere out to September – only time will tell.

Source: NoWhereElse.Fr.
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Caleb Johns

It’s a Moto E with a 720p display, I thought the midrange phones of 2015 have 1080p displays now, would had also expected a SD 615 at least for the processor. :/


Mmmmmmmmm dunno bout this design.

Guess time will tell if this is legitimate.


Copy LG rear design?


I hope that these are not the specs. A 5″ screen with 720 display does not hack it in 2015. They need to up the specs and not use the same ones as the last version had..


Err, maybe that rear cover a temporary place holder (lacking as it does any branding, ID numbers etc.) It also allows the camera, etc. to poke through, rather than incorporating something in the cover as one piece – making swapping easy.

Wouldn’t it be reasonable to expect Motorola are going further with the “Moto Maker” approach of extracting more money for fashion covers we used to pay a few dollars for? I can see them offering something in bamboo for an extra $30 of near pure profit.