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Jump Camera Tripod 2
Announced at Google I/O, the Jump camera system, which uses sixteen GoPro cameras to capture 360° imagery to share on cardboard, YouTube etc is going live at some stage later this year. When Jump goes live, Google wants to seed innovative film-makers or VR video film makers with Jump units to really see what the platform can do.

Google has launched a form requesting those interested in creating VR video enter in their particulars, as well as select whether they have a project in mind for Jump. Of course if you’re just interested in Jump – or Cardboard – you can use the form to sign up to receive updates on the platform as well.

If you do have a project, a second page appears which asks for more information. If you have a project, it’s probably best to describe it in as fully realised and complete a form as possible to ensure you have a better chance of being in line for a Jump rig.

When Jump eventually launhces, you will be able to 3D-Print your own Jump rig based on a model that Google will make available – you just have to supply the 16 GoPro cameras.

If you’re at all interested in Jump, head over and fill out the form and hopefully Google will come knocking on your door with a Jump rig.

Source: Google.
Via: Tech Crunch.

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Daniel Tyson

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Ausdroid Reader

You’ll need a decent sized 3D printer for that. But if you can afford 16 cameras, I guess it’s not that much of an issue.

Making a model that you can print in sections and put together would be the way to go.

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