Announced in April the Asus Chromebook Flip isn’t a new form factor for Chromebooks. We’ve previously seen the Yoga Chromebook from Lenovo, but this is a lower-end budget form factor which should appeal to the more budget conscious users who like the idea of a ChromeOS tablet. While not available in Australia officially, the Chromebook Flip is now available from Amazon and best of all, it’s shipping directly to Australia.

The specs on the Chromebook Flip match its budget price, with a 1.8GHz Quad-Core RockChip RK3288 processor on board supported by 2GB of RAM. The Chromebook Flip comes with a 16GB SSD and microSD card reader to store files on and of course comes with the usual Wi-Fi options and Bluetooth 4.1.

The biggest trick is obviously its ability to flip the 10.1″ IPS display from 0 to 360 degree, allowing you to use the device as either a Chromebook, or a tablet.

The stock is limited, but it’s available and there’s more stock on the way apparently. You’re looking at $249USD for the Flip, which converts to AUD$336.20. As usual there’s three levels of shipping available, depending on how much you want to pay:

  • AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping (averages 9-12 business days) – AUD$19.05
  • AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping (averages 7-11 business days) – AUD$25.87
  • AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping (averages 2-5 business days) – AUD$65.16

If you’re interested in the Chromebook Flip then head across to Amazon and grab one before stock runs out.

Source: Amazon.
Thanks: +Seb.
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    would like to see a chromebook with higher resolution display


    needs a better cpu and MORE RAM…… 🙂


    Has anyone found a product page for the 4GB version?

    Andrew Palozzo

    I’d love to hear feedback on performance on this thing.
    I’ve been looking for a chromebook for a while. Nothing has really caught my eye hardware wise still though. All I want is a 1080IPS screen and ideally a decent x86 CPU. The Toshiba CB2 was decent, but the CPU was a bit slow and also they were out of stock until last few months. Now it feels sillly to buy anything that isn’t broadwell at least.

    Phil Stephens

    This 10″ screen will not be 1080P… There is a 4Gb version though, a good upgrade from the usual 2Gb