Play Music
In all the excitement this morning of the ad-supported, Google Play Music channel going live, the news of an update to the Google Play Music app sort of cruised right by. There is an updated app, and along with a tweaked navigation drawer, it seems you now also get more control over what music is downloaded to your Android Wear device.

It’s a much requested feature, with the sync to Android Wear previously being an all-or-nothing option. Now when you enable ‘Download to Android Wear’ in your settings menu, you can then tap on the ‘Manage Wear downloads’ option below it. For the time being, it’s not very granular, with only Playlists showing up – but hopefully you’ll be able to add albums and songs individually.

You’ll have to ensure you have the latest Google Play Music update but that’s not much of a barrier, so try it out and see what you think.

Via: reddit.