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When Meerkat was the first live streaming app to launch on Android (having been available on iOS much longer), the app has a points system and a leaderboard to help track quality content creators. With the rise and rise of Periscope, the company has taken to its blog to remind users about its point and leaderboard system.

As part of the announcement, the company has spoken about how they are trying to define exactly what a ‘Good’ live stream actually is, stating:

The interaction between people is a core part of the experience when the content is live. The audience is as much a part of the content as the streamer on the other side, and our scoring system should be more representative of that. Some of you have already noticed some changes to your Meerkat score, even if you did not go live.

Furthermore, Meerkat as part of their latest app update, Meerkat has gone full Oprah. You get points, streamers get points, EVERYONE gets points. Viewers and streamers alike will now be able to earn points. Streamers for creating unique and entertaining content and viewers for for interacting with and participating when the content is live.

Exactly what you can spend your nebulous Meerkat points on besides becoming known as a Meerkat addict, isn’t clear. Though you can become more a trusted viewer if that’s a thing.

If you’re right into Meerkat and want to check out the latest update, it’s live now in Google Play.

Do you use Meerkat or have you moved onto its competitor, Periscope? What do you think makes a great live video feed?

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Meerkat Blog.
Via: Engadget.

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