We’ve all had that heart-wrenching moment of sending an email you didn’t mean to send, or didn’t mean to send just yet. Google has announced that Undo Send, a Gmail Labs feature, has now made it into the mainstream on the web.

The Undo Send feature went live in Inbox for Android during Google I/O back in May, but it’s now available in the web client for Gmail. According to Google those who have been using the feature in Labs will have the option turned on by defualt, but if you haven’t the setting to enable Undo Send is under the general tab, where you can choose to allow Undo Send for up to 30 seconds after you’ve sent the email.


We look forward to seeing this one in GMail for Android as soon as possible.

Source: Google Apps.
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    Not really new. This feature has been in the labs area for YEARS now…. Great to see it go ‘stable’