Ever wanted your Galaxy S6 to look a little more like “stock” Android? Now you can, with the release of Samer Zayer‘s Material Design theme.

If you didn’t know, the Galaxy S6 packs in an increasingly-common feature – the ability to customise your phone with downloadable themes, be it dogs, cats, Spider-man, Superman, Hello Kitty or any number of other ideas – and developers can get new themes out there through Samsung’s store.

The Material Theme changes the look of Samsung’s launcher (and changes the icons for a number of apps, but only in Samsung’s launcher), notification shade, quick settings and some of the built-in apps like the dialer and messages app. It also sets your wallpaper to something similar to Google’s paper-based Lollipop backdrop.

It’s not perfect, but the more restrained colour scheme and more open design to the UI offers a refreshing change of pace from the bright bold colours Samsung’s latest phone offers out-of-the-box.

To install the theme on your Galaxy S6, go to Settings, Personal, Themes, click the Store button and you’ll find it under “This weeks new themes”. If you’re joining us late, Samsung’s filed the theme under “Themes for Man” for some reason. For more information about the Galaxy S6’s theme feature, check this handy mini-site from Samsung.

Samer says he’s looking at a dark variant of the theme next. There’s a Google Community that’s been going for a little while testing and supporting the development of the theme – if you’re so inclined, you can join here.

Do you use a theme on your phone? Tell us about it in the comments!

Source: Material Theme Community.
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    vijay alapati

    on the screenshots it looks like s finder and s connect is removed, is this possible with this theme?

    vijay alapati

    Nice, but too much white on a AMOLED screen … Need black to save battery 🙂

    Jamie S

    Join the Samsung Material Theme Google+ community as there should be a dark theme on the way


    I was surprised to see that it also changes the settings menu and sub menus (or whatever they’re called). Feels almost like a GPE phone but with all of Samsung’s excellent proprietary stuff too!

    Yianni soc

    Yeah i’m loving Samsung’s theme engine. I just wish there was an option to pick which items are applied, instead of all or nothing (eg: skin everything, but leave my wallpapers).


    Yeah, I just change the wallpaper back to what I want after applying the new theme.