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App developers spend a good amount of time developing apps, some choose to charge a price for that app and hope to re-coup costs that way, while others use in-app purchases and others choose the ad-supported model. AdMob is Google’s ad platform for apps and the AdMob team has released an eBook for developers which they hope will help developers to monetise their app.

AdMob is a fairly popular platform, with over 200 billion global ad requests every month. But that doesn’t mean that AdMob can’t grow more, with a Google survey showing that ‘25% of app developers had a hard time finding quality resources and support around monetization’, this is where the eBook comes in.

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Called ‘Making Money: The App Monetization Playbook’ the ebook is a free download that the AdMob team hopes to teach developers to:

  • Use Google Analytics to ensure (and measure) your success
  • Maximize earnings through in-app purchases
  • Know which ad formats best fit your app
  • Make more money through ad mediation
  • Expand beyond your local market

The book is a fairly easy read, thirteen page PDF document which takes you through the basics of laying out your ad-campaign and deciding your goals for your app.

If you want to check out the eBook, head over to the Google form and enter your details and you can then download the PDF.

Source: AdMob Blog.
Thanks: Duncan Jaffrey.