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The recent 5.1.1 update opened up a lot of new functions and features on the Android Wear platform. Wrist flick gestures to view cards without swiping, Wi-Fi (on compatible hardware) and of course the Always-on screen for apps. Google has this morning shown of a selection of Android Wear apps which feature the Always-on screen.

The Always-on screen lets you do a number of things without having to resort to pulling out your phone. Even after it dims, the muted display retains information that you can still read which Google points out saves on battery and avoids having you twist your arm to wake the display.

Google has concentrated on three main areas in their post- Fitness, Productivity and Travel:

Always-on fitness
Going out for a run? Now, you can keep an eye on distance and pace just by glancing at your watch with Endomondo, MapMyRun, and Runtastic. If golf is more your game, Golfshot gives you accurate distances from tee to pin so you can always grab the right club from your bag.

Always-on productivity
Competing in your personal weekly supermarket sweep? No need to slow down to bring out a list or phone. Just glance at your watch to see what’s next with Bring! Shopping List and Google Keep.

Always-on travel
And if you’re catching a flight, apps from American Airlines, Delta, and KLM show you flight status, gate, and seat info right on your wrist. Wearing your boarding pass keeps your phone in your bag and out of the airport lost and found.

Always-On Icons3

Paired with the recent announcement of more Android Wear watch faces, this focus on Android Wear shows Google is trying to push focus on the platform. The apps are varied and though you won’t have cause to use some of the apps regularly, it’s good to see a number of big name companies behind Android Wear too.

What’s your favourite Android Wear app?

Source: Official Android Blog.
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    Sujay Vilash

    When I bought my Sony SmartWatch 3, it was running v5.0.2. Battery life was great but functionality was poor. After the initial update to v5.1.1, things went pear shaped. I got more functionality but the battery life was shocking. Then last week, there was an upgrade to Android Wear. Battery life seems to have improved somewhat. I have gone from 1/2 a day to 2 days on a single charge. So my question is this. How is it that the fruit company can get exceptional battery life but the ecosystem that I like, Android, can’t.


    My moto 360 after the 5.1.1 update has been less than impressive. It is slow at times, battery some days just disappears and now after a few days the display just stops working, I can get to settings etc and reboot but the watchface etc is blank nothing there.

    This release is unfortunately a fizzer. What is going on with Android these days.


    Really? Wow. My experience has been totally different. I have found that my watch is faster, better battery life, and that google dictation works much better than before. The maps feature has been really good too.


    I just ordered my Moto360 yesterday so I’m looking forward to trying some of this stuff out 🙂

    vijay alapati

    how much did you spend on 360? if you don’t mind asking 🙂


    $309 from ebay (metal strap version). Oddly, it was delivered in an OfficeWorks package with an OfficeWorks packing slip.