In a blog post on the Android Developers blog, Reto Meier has announced that support and development for the Android Developer Tools in Eclipse will be ceasing at the end of the year.

As part of the announcement, developers are being advised to import their tools into Android Studio. Announced at Google I/O in 2013, Android Studio is the current official Android IDE and is full of a number of improved tools such as WYSIWYG Editors, Live Coding and Real-time App Rendering to help developers.

A brief run down on importing your Eclipse project into Android Studio is included in the blog post, though a complete migration guide is available on the Android SDK developer page.

Eclipse will live on in the Open Source community, but effectively its life at Google is up at the end of the year. Future updates for Android studio includes ‘migrating the rest of the standalone performance tools (e.g. DDMS, Trace Viewer) and building in additional support for the Android NDK into Android Studio’.

If you’re a developer and still using Eclipse you should probably check out the post and start the migration process.

Source: Android Developers.