SBS has today announced the relaunch of their streaming online video catch-up service: OnDemand. The service has received a fresh polish on its website and they’re introducing some new exclusive content.

The content includes a mix of old and new, with a vast array of Movies, TV Shows and Documentaries available to stream to your phone, tablet, computer at any time. The service offers 600 films from around the world as well as now offering over 350 feature documentaries and factual programs in addition to their own content such as the controversial series Struggle Street, and two seasons of Go Back To Where You Came From.

Michael Ebeid, SBS Managing Director, said:

Launched in 2011 as an online catch up service, SBS On Demand has grown to be a go-to content destination, now with more than 4000 hours of premium content available to all Australians. It is a true representation of the quality drama, documentary and film on offer from SBS that goes to the heart of our special Charter, and provides Australians with an enviable range of distinctive content available anytime, on any device, absolutely free, in a way only SBS can.

The new website is fully responsive scaling to any device that it’s accessed from allowing for an easy to navigate interface. SBS currently offers OnDemand on 22 platforms – more than any other Australian provider, but for us in Android land, they’re still missing one important one: Chromecast.


We spoke with SBS about the absence of Chromecast from the service and they advised they are investigating Chromecast support for the next phase of the OnDemand service rollout. There are no ETA’s for its inclusion, but it’s very obvious that feedback on the lack of Chromecast support has been heard around the SBS offices.

For now, you can of course surf to the brand new SBS OnDemand website (which looks fantastic) and browse content that you can cast to your Chromecast from your Chrome Browser with the Google Cast extension installed, or view SBS OnDemand content on your Android tablet using their app.

Check out the new website and see what you think.

SBS On Demand
SBS On Demand
Developer: SBS Corporation
Price: To be announced
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    Andrew Robinson

    still no chrome cast


    I can only see ‘AirPlay ipad’, no chromecast cast button?? :/ chromecast is on and working for other apps.
    Has anyone found how to cast? I’m using the most up to date sbs on demand app

    Thanks in advance!


    Chromecast now available for SBS on Demand.


    I’ve got good news on the Chromecast front!

    I sent an email to SBS asking about Chromecast support for their app. They replied just now and said Chromecast support will roll out in two weeks for Android and in December for iOS.

    It’s coming at last.


    I use Avdshare Video Downloader to download
    videos from sbs on demand

    other video sharing websites.


    luv SBS and the show featured in the screen shots – Orphan Black.
    I’d guess the reason chromecast hasn’t come quickly to SBS onDemand (and the other Aussie FTA TV android apps), is because of DRM or similar causing complexities. ie, they are probably using 3rd party libraries to stream the video content instead of the stock android video libraries.


    Chromecast support is a must for the media app. It seems Australia media lacks of innovation when compared with US and UK.

    Is that the reason PM cuts down the budget for them?


    Yeah well they have all those movies I’d watch but no CC support…


    I was playing a bit of SBS on demand recently – pretty good but yeah, notable lack of Chromecast.


    No androidtv support either I imagine.


    It can’t be THAT difficult for them to get their finger out and implement chromecast, can it?

    Even with paperwork and testing it should be less than a week.