Unless you live under a very large rock, don’t listen to or read any mainstream media and have managed to avoid the flood of images on Facebook over the last 48 hours it would be very clear to even the simplest of minds that the United States Supreme Court has declared that marriage equality is protected by the US Constitution; in other words, same-sex marriage is now accessible in all 50 US states. This is absolutely huge with hopefully far reaching impact around the globe for LGBT couples to finally achieve equality in their human right to love. Google have kicked off their celebrations in the only way they know how; colourful, supportive and full of fun.

As seen by the slew of images of the Google facilities around the world changing colours, the easter eggs in hangouts (psst type “happy pride day” to one of your buddies, they’ll love it!), the Android and Proud video and the YouTube Spotlight video celebrating the landmark decision in the USA.

We can only hope that the legislation makers in Australia realise that they’re in their position to represent the wants and needs of Australians, not let their religious beliefs govern their decision making.

What do you believe will be the final piece of the puzzle for Australia to join the growing list of countries in recognising gay couples right to marriage?

Source: 9 to 5 Google.
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Google is supportive because it’s a business tactic, it’s not because Google are good people, if they were they wouldn’t of spent the last few years finding ways to invade people’s privacy.


Awesome! Go Google!


Anyway, back to Android reporting…