Wednesday , October 18 2017

Moto G 2015 leaks some press renders; no official announcement yet


It’s mid-year, which means we’re coming up on Motorola’s typical announcement window. As yet, there’ve not been any announcements, but what we do have is leaked press renders for the rumoured next instalment of the Moto G series, dubbed the Moto G 2015. There have been some earlier leaked photos, but they’re not as beautiful to behold as press renders … but they never are.

These leaked images, courtesy of TechnoBuffalo, are certainly a good match for what we’ve seen before posing for ye olde blurrycam. The vertical strip on the rear that connects the camera to the Motorola ‘M’ dimple is present, as are the stereo front-facing speakers. What we know thus far is the Moto G ’15 edition is likely to feature a 5″ 720p LCD display, powered by a modest Snapdragon 410 SoC with LTE/4G support, 1GB of RAM and a 13MP camera.

Moto, to their credit, haven’t acknowledged such a device even exists yet, but with the rate that rumours are increasing, an announcement surely cannot be far away. Daniel and I are meeting with Motorola in Sydney today, so we’ll ask them about the Moto G, and find out what we can!

Source: TechnoBuffalo.

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Valued Guest

I have had 3 Motorola phones. The last 2 were the Moto G 4G Lte. The first Moto G was a living nightmare, Motorola customer support was a bad joke & my current Moto G is the last Motorola phone I shall ever buy!

vijay alapati
Valued Guest
vijay alapati

i think they must change the design, looks same as the past 2 models


Nice wallpaper

Valued Guest

I hope Moto get off their butts and give Australia a 4G Moto G 2015, whilst it is STILL 2015.


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