Aviates ‘Smart Stream’ is Yahoo’s answer to Google Now

Yahoo has given the contextual launcher Aviate a makeover, its first since the purchase last year. The major focus of the update is the replacement of the contextual panel called ‘Spaces’ with a new feature called ‘Smart Stream’.

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The new ‘Smart Stream’ basically provides different cards throughout the day, depending on your location and what you are doing. Sounds familiar right? well thats because it would seem that Yahoo is wanting to take on Google Now feature with this update.

Yahoo announced the update via its blog, in which said that a card can pop up with nearby restaurants or cafe’s once you walk into a different city or town. It can also show you live scores of games your either been watching or have an interest in. You can also add music apps on top of the app list when you plug in your headphones to your mobile or tablet.

Sadly though, looking over at Google Play it would seem a lot of users aren’t too happy with the overhaul with one user even saying “we don’t need another Google Now!”. Though, it’s often said that competition breeds innovation, so we’ll leave it up to you to make your own decision or opinion.

You can download Aviate launcher via the link below and let us know what you think of the new look and features.

Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free

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  • I installed from the store, then sideloaded the latest version v3.0.1 and I didnt get the 'smart stream' just looks like before. I am thinking the new look and feature is a US only at the moment?

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