Dead Zebra ComicCon
Android Mini collectibles are quite the fun little toy for Android collectors, and the great range of limited edition figures is what gets the pulses racing. This year, Andrew Bell from Dead Zebra will be heading back to Comic-Con in San Diego showing his wares at the Dumbrella booth (#1335, 1337) and he’s bringing two exclusive Comic-Con Androids with him.

The two figures will come in a boxed set for US$20 and if previous years are any indication, will only be available in limited supply. The figures are beach (or summer) editions, and feature a sunburnt lifeguard and swwimming prankster with a shark fin attached.


The figures will join existing Android mini’s, stickers, t-shirts and more, as well as Andrew’s other artwork at the booth. If you’re lucky enough to be heading stateside for Comic-Con, then be sure to pick us up one of these sets, we’re good for it!

Source: Dead Zebra.