Google Voice Actions add a good deal of function when you’re on the go, simply asking Google to perform a task and having it done is akin to black magic, but when you have multiple apps that can perform a function it often gets stuck. Google has added new functions to remember which app to use for which function by default.

The memory takes a bit of forward planning to get it going according to the Google Support site. The support site says you’ll have to perform the voice action several times, selecting your preferred app and then cancelling it by tapping the ‘X’ each time for it to learn, before next time your app of choice will come up straight away.

As Android Police point out, you can use this new feature on a number of functions including ‘Play Music’ or as Google says for scanning receipts.

It’s live now in Australia according to the support site, so give it a try and see what you think.

Via: Android Police.