Last weeks ‘big’ announcement from OnePlus was that they would be doing a virtual launch of the OnePlus 2, which would allow anyone who wanted to, to actually attend the launch via Cardboard. During their announcement they advised that they would be giving specially crafted OnePlus branded cardboard viewers away, but today they’ve advised a bit more information on the giveaway, as well as launched a new competition in their forums.

The OnePlus branded Cardboard viewers will be available in only limited quantities when they go live on the OnePlus Cardboard website, but exactly how limited hasn’t been answered. You will have to pay for the shipping on your cardboard, so we imagine you’ll probably have to get it shipped in a country that the OnePlus One will be available in – i.e in Australia we’ll have to use a shipping forwarder if you’re lucky enough to get one.

If you’re a OnePlus forum member though, you don’t have to wait for the giveaway, you can actually win one right now, with OnePlus even paying the shipping fee (again, probably the shipping to your shipping forwarder of choice, probably not to your home). OnePlus just wants you to comment on their forum post and then sign up on their form.

If you can’t be bothered jumping through the hoops to get Cardboard, there’s a dozen ways to get a viewer, through the official website, or more locally through the Ausdroid Shop, and then tune in at 7pm PT on the 27th of July (12Noon Tuesday, 28 July 2015 AEST) to watch the launch.

Source: OnePlus Forum.