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Google’s custom map creator My Maps isn’t the most widely used tool, but it certainly has its uses and from today, you can access them from Google Drive.

My Maps is at its core a list of GPS co-ordinates logged into a file such as a spreadsheet, but more often when it comes to Google in a GPS friendly KML file. However it’s saved, that information can now be accessed from Drive on desktops, and on mobile.

Custom maps are actually a feature with a fair bit of utility, beyond locating a track for your favourite walk, or what I use it for, listing places I want to go sight-seeing while on a trip. As Google points out in their blog post announcing the feature, you can use My Maps for a number of business uses, for example:

Jessica owns a food truck and every Thursday she decides her location based on fan votes. She creates a Google Form and posts it online, gathers votes and can lay them all out on one map to find the most popular location.


The update appears to be live in Drive right now, so check it out and see what uses you can find for it.

Source: GoogleForWork.