No-one likes paying for something they don’t use, and mobile plans are no different; If you pay for a block of data, you expect to be able to use it. Optus has heard your feedback and from the 5th of July, they’re introducing new pre-paid mobile plans which will let you rollover data up to a maximum of 10GB.

Tim Cowan, Director of Mobile Marketing, Optus, said

Customers hate losing their data and that’s why Optus is launching data rollover, so customers can have what they paid for and use that data whenever they want.

The new plans start with a $30 plan which includes 1.5GB of data, but there’s also a $45 plan with 3.5GB of data and a $60 plan with 6GB of data. The plans allow you to rollover any unused data, but if you have a heavy month and use all your included and rolled over data, you can purchase extra data from $5 for an extra 500MB.

The new plans also includeu unlimited standard national calls and texts and an ‘Extras’ credit that gives you international calling.


All of this comes on the Optus 4G Plus network which has a fairly decent coverage, with up to 86% of Australia in range of an Optus 4G Plus network tower. Of course you should check the Optus coverage maps to check your area before signing up..

Optus has also begun a competition to encourage new signups. If you recharge or activate a SIM with $10 or more on Optus Prepaid and then SMS ‘NOVA’ to 2121 before the 15th of July and tell them who you’d like to see perform at the Nova Red Room Global Tour and why, you could score a seat.

To check out more on the new Optus plans, head over to the Optus Pre-Paid Mobile page from the 5th of July and see what’s on offer.

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And no plans to apply for people on postpaid plans? Remember when prepaid users used to be treated as the 2nd class citizens?


Now to hope this stirs up a little competition.


Wow, these plans are really good. I never thought I’d see the day when Optus prepaid was great value.

$30 for unlimited calls and texts, and 1.5GB of data is better than both Telstra and Vodafone’s $30 prepaid plans.

Given Optus’ massive 4G rollout, I might have to consider switching from Telstra prepaid.

vijay alapati



set sarcasm to 100
Oh how nice of Optus.
Bland new plans with data rollover
set sarcasm to 0

STILL no attempt to actually do what users have been asking for, data rollover on existing plans.
Sorely unimpressed.


It’s doing what prepaid users want…just not for people on contracts.


I was talking about existing prepaid customers.
These are bland new plans for prepaid customers.
Existing prepaid customers have to switch to these bland new plans to get the data rollover.

My question is:
Why couldn’t Optus simply do the RightThing, and apply data rollover to all prepaid users on their existing prepaid plans?


Which existing prepaid plans are you referring to. This is just a modification to an existing prepaid plan.


I’m on the 4G New My Prepaid Monthly
I moved to it in early May, after I’d finally run down my credit on the old 3G long expiry plan.
All existing credit on it, expires 30 days after recharging, or if you make a recharge before the 30 days.
There is no rollover capability.


All you have to do then is change to the new “MY PREPAID MONTHLY PLUS” when launched to get data roll over. You can do this in the Android or iOS app or online.

Justin Optus

Hey Jeni – thanks for passing on your feedback! We’ll be updating the existing New My Prepaid Monthly plans on our end, so there’s no need for you to contact us to change your plan to receive the rollover offer. If you need anything else clarified, please let us know 🙂 Justin


Thanks for that info, Justin.
I’d checked the CIS for the New My Prepaid Monthly, before making my reply regarding the credit expiry and no rollover on it,


I believe people on the existing offer still have to do an offer change to get the data roll over.

Current offers are called “NEW MY PREPAID MONTHLY” and these new offers are called “MY PREPAID MONTHLY PLUS”.


That’s exactly what I was getting at.
Optus could have done the RightThing and added the rollover to their current prepaid plans.
Instead, to access rollover, users HAVE to change plans.


Making such a change to grandfathered offers would alter the terms and conditions and Optus would need to get in touch with everyone about it etc… Customers don’t like to have their offers/plans tinkered with one way or another from what I’ve seen when working at an ISP. The easiest solution is to leave old offers as is, and let them change to a new offer with different terms and conditions if they wish. Since you’re on a similar offer what exactly will you be losing by making a few clicks online to change to this new offer if it… Read more »


Optus has always grandfathered their old prepaid plans, and this is what they continue to do. It’s the offer you picked that suited your needs and that’s what they’re continuing to give you without altering any of the terms and conditions to either benefit them, or you.

If you’re now unhappy with a grandfathered offer, you can change to a new one if it suits your needs better.

The new plans are cracking and are definitely worth a look .